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Welcome to Yoga-To-Go
At Yoga-To-Go, we understand: life's adventures€” including family, work, school, and travel€” can interrupt your scheduled yoga routine by causing you to miss classes and/or travel away from home. Though you may find time to attend an occasional yoga class, maintaining an established routine is next to impossible in the midst of your active schedule. Yoga certainly provides a physical and mental release from the stresses of daily life, but research suggests that only by maintaining a continuous practice will your body enjoy the numerous health benefits of yoga. Of course, your body knows that— remember how tight you were after missing just one or two classes?

Make Yoga-To-Go your go-to yoga companion! Whether at home, the office, or on-the-go, take out your compact kit for a release from life's interruptions. Roll out the condensed mat, further your practice using the strap, and follow the step-by-step instructions found in the pose book to guide your yoga practice. Using Yoga-To-Go, you can practice yoga anywhere and anytime, allowing you to have the deeply-rooted routine you've always yearned for.

So bring on the warriors, the down dogs, and the forward folds! Discover your inner yogi, wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Namaste
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Our yoga kits are ideal for the home, office or on your travels!
Yoga Pose of the month:

Half Lotus and Full Lotus
For Half Lotus: Bend the right leg over the left thigh
For Full Lotus: Continue and place the left foot so 
that it rests on the right thigh with the heel up
Relax the arms and shoulders
Place hands comfortably on your knees
Close eyes and breathe rhythmically
Repeat on right side

Benefits: Lotus position opens your chest, spine, and hips, increasing energy flow throughout the body.